Happy Clients

After working with Missy and having a few energy clearings I have more ease and flow in my life.  I am more present and continue to have less anxiety.  After each energy clearing, I experience less irritability, which in turn has helped my sinuses on a physical level.


Missy Bollengier has helped me to understand the ways that energy within and around me can affect my everyday.  Her calm and inviting energy has provided me with hope throughout my mental health journey.  With her help I’ve been able to find balance within myself.  I thank her for helping me find peace with my mind and body and for introducing me to a more fulfilling life 🙂


Missy is a wonderful healer and an amazing listener.  Her kind, compassionate, and heartfelt attitude is calming and infectious.  She helped me with several breakthrough moments during the last year and helped me unblock past traumas.  She has amazing insight, knowledge, and the ability to say exactly the right thing at the right time to bring calming energy and clarity to any situation.


Missy has truly changed my view on life in substantial ways.  Her compassion and care for people and energies is so powerful.  I feel much more connected to my surroundings, my self, and others when implementing the balancing practices she has coached me on.


“Years ago I faced several of life’s adversities all at once: divorce, death, a move, and a career change. I was overwhelmed and chaotic.  I knew in order to move through it, I would need to sort out many confusing layers of emotion, past and the present.  I immediately reached out to Missy Bollengier and attended her one day class to learn about these energies I was carrying with me.  That decision was life-changing. I have since worked with Missy on a regular basis. Clearing out those old, nonbeneficial energies and stories has freed me in a way that I cannot fully explain.  My continued journey with Missy has elevated every facet of my life, health, work, and personal relationships.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is always my first call.”


“In my early forties I was diagnosed with ADHD and depression. Missy’s true gifts helped me pull myself up and find contentment and happiness.  I’m so grateful to her. She’s an Earth angel helping people from all walks of life to better themselves and find happiness. I found happiness and I’ve witnessed many others do the same as they work with Missy.”


“I can’t stop thinking about the energy work you did with me. I wanted you to know what a positive impact your work did for me. Starting the night you worked on me and since then I haven’t had to wrap my arm at night. Tons of things have changed for me and reflecting back I swear it is a direct result of your help. So all this is to not only say thanks, but to talk about making another appointment with you.”


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