Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching

A 1 hour session to maintain balanced energy and live in the flow of life

Energy coaching is actually energy management.  It  is typically scheduled after your energy clearing in order to help keep your energy balanced.  During an energy coaching session we will identify what is important to focus on and what is not beneficial to focus on.  We will work on all of this while also incorporating effective ways to work with your feelings.  The intention will be to guide you through situations and help you understand the many different energies around you; empowering you to make good choices and inherently shift your thinking. 


Energy Clearings

Private Consultations
One to 1-1/2 hours Session

To identify and clear non-beneficial energies that are holding you back in order to balance the mind, body and life.  These energies can be stuck thoughts and feelings: like lack, physical or emotional pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, confusion, depression denial, procrastination, unhappiness, judgment, anger, confusion, or doubt.  I use my intuition and the help of my guides to guide my clients through different clearings.  After these non-beneficial energies are cleared, I will then bring awareness and clarity to any of these situations and help along with helping you work with your feelings effectively.


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